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4 week self-paced course on latest research and action steps on the intersection between brain science and business outcomes

– Includes pre and post assessment

– Weekly videos with research and tips

– BrainOps PDF Guides to Download

– *BONUS: Recipe and workout guide for ideas and inspiration.



Module 1: Welcome to the BrainOps Course

Welcome + Getting Started

Why + CLE Framework

BrainOps Resiliency Plan Week 1 Guide

Module 2: Connection

Connection Video with Dr. Mary

Connection Video with Ali

Research of Connection and Brain Resiliency

BrainOps Resiliency Plan Week 2

Module 3: Lifestyle

Lifestyle Video with Dr. Mary

Lifestyle Video with Ali Hively

Research of Lifestyle and Brain Resiliency

BrainOps Resiliency Plan Week 3

Module 4: Emotional Processing

Emotional Processing Video with Dr. Mary

Emotional Processing with Ali

Research of Emotional Processing and Brain Resiliency

Bonus Meditation Video with Dr. Mary

Bonus Meditation Guide

BrainOps Resiliency Plan Week 4

Module 5: Brain Ops Wrap Up + Next Steps

BrainOps Resiliency Plan Complete Guides

Congratulations + Next Steps in Your Brain Resiliency!

Brain Ops Resiliency Weekly Planner

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