The Brain Ops  Resilency Program

Biohack your way to increased resiliency, stress management and energy!

Evidence-based education and action steps on the latest intersection between brain science and business outcomes

Brain Ops Resiliency Program

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What is it?

Brain Ops is the why and how of optimizing brain performance to achieve better business outcomes. It’s the intersection of evidence-based research practices and real life strategies. It’s process improvement combining education and support that allows you to take action and enhance your brain and your life with your self-care habits.

Who is it for?

Healthcare workers, busy professionals, or anyone looking for a refresh in professional development to elevate brain performance and achieve better business outcomes throughout this stressful time of COVID-19.

Who created this program?

This course was created by a neuroimmunologist (brain doctor), Dr. Mary Rensel and a lifestyle coach, Ali Hively. Together, Mary and Ali have teamed up to break down the research and provide real-life action steps to help you optimize your brain, build better business outcomes and manage their stress.

Brain Resiliency
for the

You are used to process improvement in the business setting, now let’s focus on process improvement for the brain!   

You may feel like there is so much information out in the world about what you should do and shouldn’t do, it can totally overwhelming. We want to share the research on  what matters most.

Supporting the brain can lead to better stress management , enhanced focus, executive function and emotional processing.  

Great news!! 

In this course we do just that! 

Your wellness matters

Do you…

You are not alone.  

We know that it’s hard to navigate the world of health and try to figure out what matters and how to apply it to your life.  

We know that there isn’t one specific place to go for evidence based information and research as well as support in making it happen (or taking action) in your busy life. 

The great news is, we have created that place for you.  We have done the research and put together the strategies and resources to help you preserve your essence, take care of yourself, and feel less stressed!

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